Educational Tool to Help Avoid Corruption When Dealing with Auto Claims

"It could have been prevented."

"The victims are the people that are at risk already, and don't even know it"

"Their lives are changed forever and the money does not change that, but they are hoping that this verdict can save the lives of others that may be driving compromised vehicles right now and not even know it."

Top 3 Biggest Auto Claim Mistakes

1. Using the Insurance Company's "Preferred" Shop!

2. Allowing Claims Representatives to Persuade You!

3. Releasing A Totaled Vehicle to the Insurance Company Before Reaching a Settlement!

Body Shops Say Insurance Companies Skimp On Safety


“I’m not getting back in that car!”

“The consumer doesn’t realize that the discount is actually coming off the repair of their car.”

“This means a poor repair, a safety hazard, occupants in the car are in danger.”

“I want it the way that it was supposed to be and with fake parts from Taiwan is not the way it’s supposed to be.”

“They didn’t give me a choice as to where I wanted to take it they just told me to take it to their preferred body shop.”

Key Topics

Right of Appraisal

If you feel like the insurance company is giving you an unfair settlement, this is the best means to negotiate. It's in every insurance policy, it is your right as a consumer. Use it if you feel you are being victimized. 


 Steering is illegal, most states have laws in place to prevent steering. That means even if they are pressuring you to take your vehicle to their "Preferred" shop, you don't have to comply.

Diminished Value

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision, even after a proper repair, its market value will be reduced. You may have the right to claim the loss in value from the at fault party's insurance company. 


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