You've Totaled your Vehicle Now What?

Know your options, do your research, and remember you are entitle to ACV (Actual Cash Value)

Tell Them NO!!!

A claims representative may request you release your vehicle to them before an agreement is reached.

 1.  Do not allow the claims representative to move your vehicle before you have agreed on a settlement, and have it in writing.

You Will Lose Your Leverage Over The Insurance Company!

2.  This may be the only leverage you have over the Insurance Company to pay what they rightly owe you.

Accruing Storage Fees Ensures Adjusters Are More Prompt With Settlement!

3.  While your vehicle is sitting at the body shop or towing service lot, it is accruing storage fees.  These daily fees ensure adjusters are more prompt with reaching a settlement

Do Not Allow The Insurance Company To Scare You Into Settling For A Low-Ball Offer.

4.  Once you release your vehicle to them, they will move it to their lot without having to pay storage, which could allow them to take a longer amount of time to reach an agreement.

The Insurance Company Owes You The Retail Value Based On The Condition Of Your Vehicle.

5.  Through the years, we have seen many people shorted by 20-30% on their settlement, because they released their vehicle to the insurance company before reaching an agreement.