Why do Insurance Companies want you to use their DRP Shops?

After an accident, you look to your insurance provider for advice. Unfortunately, the advice they give you is not always in your best interests. 

Your Safety vs. Their Money


Cheap Parts

DRP shops may use junkyard parts instead of Genuine Manufacturer Parts.  Insurance companies prefer the use of imitation and/or junk yard parts instead of Genuine Manufacturer Parts, because inferior parts may save them money.


Cheap Paint

Paint on a vehicle does more than simply amplify the cosmetic value of an automobile; it protects the underlying metal pieces by creating a barrier between moisture, dirt, grime and other harmful environmental factors that would cause the metal to fail. 


Cheap Labor

Insurance Companies may be pushing to have your vehicle repaired as quickly and cheaply as possible, with little to no regard for quality of work or your safety in the future!