Broken Contract

You took your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice but your insurance company tells you that shop is not one of their "preferred" shops and refuse to pay for the full cost of repairs to your chosen repair shop. So what are your options? You have two; pay the balance not covered by your insurance company out of your own pocket or you can break the contract with the current repair shop and have your vehicle moved to the "preferred" shop. If you choose to break the contract, below are the steps you should take to make breaking the contract process go a little smoother. 

  1. Have your insurance company put their denial to pay the full cost of repairs at your chosen shop in writing. 
  2. Ask your insurance company to recommend a repair shop that they prefer.
  3. Release your vehicle to the insurance company and inform the current repair shop of your decision to move the vehicle. Even though you are moving your vehicle, stay in good relations with the body shop you originally chose. A shop that is not on any insurance company's preferred list works for you, the customer. Preferred shops work for the insurance company, not the customer. You may need your original chosen shop's assistance in the future. 
  4. Once your car has been repaired by the insurance company's "preferred" shop, it's very important to get a post repair inspection. It's common practice for "preferred" shops to cut corners (at the direction of the insurance company) which in turn may put you and your family at risk while on the road in the unsafe vehicle.

We have seen through the years many cars repaired at the "preferred" shops were so incomplete and/or unsafe to drive, the insurance company had to total the car after a post repair inspection.